It's not only crucial to know which tasks in your life are the most important and bring the greatest value, but also when to work on them in order to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.
When you know which tasks in your life matter the most for you and you are willing to dedicate your full attention to making them come true nothing becomes impossible. If you focus your uninterrupted energy on the things that are really important for you it only depends on the time that you're going to spend in order to get what you've always wanted. It is the time that is the only variable in this equation, so we should all focus on making the best use of it.
If you like it or not you can't pursue your goals 18 hours a day for an extended period of time. Our life follows a specific clock that tells our body when it is the time to perform the best and when it's a good moment to relax. This is a natural mechanism created through centuries of evolution and it's called the circadian rhythm. There were times, long before electricity, when people have woken up when the sun was rising and they went back to sleep together with sunset. The rapid development of modern technology has changed our behaviors but cannot affect thousands of years of evolution. What's more, we can even make use of the fact that our body reacts differently throughout the day, because of this so-called constraint, to focus on the best activities in the right time. In his book, "15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management", Kevin Kruse points out that the first two hours of each day should be considered the most productive time. This is when brilliant ideas develop in something more physical or solutions to complex ideas are being found, while most of us waste these precious moments of pure, unleashed productivity on answering tons of e-mails or scheduling the day. It really feels great to have a clean inbox and perfectly organized day, but did it bring any difference in your life, did it make any impact? So you can live your life exactly as it is today, being the most organized and responsive person in the company, or you can slightly change your approach to focus on the most important things straight in the morning, when it is the easiest to perform well, and later, when you feel that your energy vanished focus on semi-automatic mailbox cleanup.