If you have ever thought about your productivity and tried to optimize all the processes that apply to your every day, for sure you've come across a problem named procrastination. It often happens that when we want to start dealing with some new project or task we kick-off rapidly into the high waters of task management, but then we suddenly wake up having in mind nothing but emptiness. We don't know how to proceed, but we know what we want to achieve. The project takes longer than we expected and this leads us to resignation and procrastination, so we often choose new, simple tasks that will provide us with some extra dopamine boost instantly instead of long-term, tedious preparations and careful execution of more complex tasks and projects. We don't, however, feel at that very moment in time that such approach stops us from reaching our most important goals and tasks, the ones that we have defined for our lifetime.

Every person is just a moment in time. Every day we've got only 1440 minutes to use. The key to living a mindful and meaningful life is to utilize this time wisely. Time is the only resource that cannot be restored. We have no control over it, we can just see it passes and the point is to be aware of this fact, to select only those tasks and activities that move us closer to our life goals. This is where the 1440 minutes rule comes to life. I've first heard about it in Kevin Kruse's book "15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management", where the author tries to show the most important and life-changing habits that are being practiced by most successful people in the world to take the most out of each day. The point of this rule is to raise ones awareness that life is running really fast and every day is inevitably coming to an end. It is only up to us how we're going to use these 1440 minutes to achieve what we want and reach for toughest goals.

Personally I've found it especially hard to focus on every single passing minute and - unlike Kevin Kruse in his book - a single sheet of paper with "1440" text placed on it wasn't enough to bring my attention to the fact how fast the time is running, thus I decided to create small Android application in the form of - I have to admit - a pretty good looking widget that has helped me realize how much time I have left today to bring some effectiveness and focus to my daily tasks.

The application name is Utopia Watch and is available on Google Play. I have spent a fair amount of time developing it to bring you eye-friendly graphics that look perfect on a variety of screens and resolutions, with stability and battery-optimization, so you can always rely on the information shown.

Utopia Watch in action

The name of the application comes from Utopia, an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens (source: Wikipedia). I believe that by developing perfect quality applications we can make people lives easier and that if everything in the world as we know it would work ideally like in Utopia, we would have to spend less time, less stress and have more happiness on a daily basis to share with those we love.