Sleep is vital both in terms of our physical and mental health. Lack of it can negatively affect the way we feel, decreasing our productivity and causing much more problems in different spheres of our lives. We all know it but sometimes it just happens that we can't sleep long enough or well enough to wake up fresh and with full loads of energy for all the challenges that may arise troughout the day. While we can't do much about such sleepless nights there are some tricks one may try in order to take the most of each hour of sleep and to wake up easier and with more energy for the comming day.

Remember that even if those techniques will work for you it's not a way to shorten your sleep times! Sleep should be considered one of the most important biological tasks that helps our bodies to recover after long day of hard work and no trick is able to change it. If you'll find this advice useful use it with care!

Tip #1: reconsider how you fall asleep

First let's focus on how the way we fall asleep should look like. When you lie on your bed, no matter if it's on your back or front to the bed, try to close your eyes and imagine an empty baloon that will get bigger when you inhale and smaller when you exhale. When you have this picture in fron of your eyes try to breathe deeply, inhaling for some longer time, let's say 8 seconds and at the end you have to feel there's no more space in your lungs to fill with air. When you have that feeling, after 1-2 seconds exhale slowly for anonther 8 seconds until your lungs are empty. Remember that everytime when you exhale you leave about 1l of air in your lungs that isn't used by your body, so push the air even more to exhale completely. Repeat this cycle for about 4-6 times. After a while you'll fall asleep.

Tip #2: wake up, stand up from the bed and stretch

Next morning, no matter how you'll feel, stand up straight next to your bed, lift your hands up as high as you can and stand on your toes stretching your back as much as possible. You'll feel a relaxation in your back and after that you're good to go!

The summary

That's it! Let me know in the comments below how you feel after few days falling asleep and waking up stretching in the morning. Also you can consider using other breathing techniques that can help you focus and relax troughout the day. Those can be found all over the Internet if you look for pranayama or control of breathing. The technique described here is a slightly modified version of Sama Vritti Pranayama taken from 5 Breathing Exercises That Relax You Immediately article.